Search and AI-Powered Analytics Platform

Ask questions using natural language and automatically discover hidden insights in your data

Gain clarity on future company performance and receive recommendations on how to improve outcomes.
Save countless hours from manual data analysis with machine learning algorithms automatically uncovering hidden insights.
Unify data from files, databases, and big data sources, to get a complete picture of your business.
Take self-service BI to the next level when users can get answers and see their data simply by typing in a natural way.
Analytics, graphs and what not...
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Why Blob Analytics?

Built on a modern architecture that scales for big data, Blob Analytics augments typical BI features such as dashboards and data prep with AI-powered capabilities so everyone can discover new insights faster and drive smarter business outcomes.

Accelerate Data Discovery Powered by Machine Learning

The Engine analyzes all your data automatically to reveal hidden insights — in a fraction of the time it would take to do manually, and eliminating the guesswork from your analysis.

Supercharge BI with Search-Driven Analytics

Users now have a quick and easy way to answer ad-hoc business questions and visualize their data — in the same way they type into any search engine.

Our vision

Our vision is that anyone can ask questions of their business data and instantly get a rich and profound understanding of their business. We believe in a future where you can explore data using plain language and discover patterns and relationships in your data that typically takes days or even weeks to uncover using traditional visualization techniques.

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